Ahead of the euthanasia consult

We want you to feel reassured and for some caregivers that will mean being as informed as possible. We will answer as many questions as you may have, by phone (or email if preferred) ahead of our visit. The more you know, the less initimidating it may feel. But we also appreciate that some owners don’t wish to have this conversation and that is fine too. We will be guided by you.

Ahead of our visit we will register yourself and your pet. We will ask your consent to obtain your pet’s medical history from your current vet. At the point where the appointment has been made we will send you an electronic consent form to sign and a payment link to complete. These are not then distractions on the day. The consent form will ask you to consider body after care. You may choose home burial for your companion but, if preferred, we can talk you through options for cremation, including individual. More details can be found on the appropriate page on this website. If you need time to consider your options that is absolutely fine. We just ask that all paperwork is completed ahead of our visit. We can always accommodate decision changes if they arise. We will also ask you if you would like us to arrange a keepsake of your companion for you.

We know how hard and final it feels at this stage but we will walk the journey with you. Think of creating a bucket list for you and your pet, to make the time you have left memorable and special. Put pen to paper- it can be incredibly comforting to put your words, sentiments, thank you’s and I love you’s in writing.

Before we arrive at your home consider putting a sign on your front door so that our time together will not be interrupted.

And gather any special items you’d like to have around your pet. Having toys, blankets and anything they love from pizza to traybakes to ice cream makes this time all about them. We love nothing better than seeing those illicit treats disappear.