Our fees

We will always strive to do our absolute best by you and regularly review what is considered best practice. Pre-euthanasia sedation, the home visit and as much time as each visit requires is all part of that. 

Our prices do reflect all of these things and so will be more than if you were to take your pet in to a local practice but are comparable to dedicated euthanasia services already running in the UK, as well as the fees that most traditional veterinary practices would charge if they were willing to provide a home visit.


Gentle at-home euthanasia for your dog £290

Gentle at-home euthanasia for your cat £265

Oral sedation dispensed (if required) £40

Additional travel fee-to be agreed in advance if outside of our area.


Arrange transport of your friend to Meadow Wood Pets Garden of Remembrance, Kingsbridge £40

You may choose from communal cremation with ashes buried in the beautiful Garden of Remembrance (no additional charge unless you wish to place a name plaque memorial) or individual cremation and return of your pet’s ashes.

For individual cremation prices please see  meadowwood.co.uk/services-and-prices. We will arrange aftercare on your behalf, but we would ask that you contact the team at Meadow Wood by telephone on 01548 853785 within a few days of our visit to settle fees for individual cremation directly with themselves.

Paw Pals non clay paw print £20

Clay paw print at Meadow Wood £29.50