The euthanasia consult

On the day we are arriving as friends to help you at this most difficult time and we feel honoured to be invited in to your home. We have visited other families many times over so do not worry about hosting us-all your attention will be, understandably, on your companion. We will answer any further questions you may have. Please expect the euthanasia consult to take anything from a half hour to up to an hour and a half. We will be guided by you. If we sense that you would like the appointment to run a short course we will do our best. If you wish to take more time we have allowed for that also. You may be present with us for your pet, or not, moving to another place on your property at the start or part way through the procedure if wished. The choice will always be yours. We follow the American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines for the euthansia consult as we firmly believe this offers the best for you and your pet. 

We will always sedate. This is by injection under the skin, no different to how we administer a vaccine. Most pets will be very tolerant of this but, as we all know, they are all unique. If you feel your pet may be very anxious we can discuss in advance dispensing oral medication to be given the night before and/ or on the day of the appointment before our visit to put your pet in a relaxed state even ahead of the sedation. We will ask in advance if there is any area especially sore for your pet, or any area they dislike being touched. Please remember that if they react at all to administration of the sedation it is always followed by a period where we discretely withdraw and let you have quiet time with your friend whilst they become sleepy. You can fuss them and feed them as wished. We feel that this can be a treasured time as this may be the first time your pet has truly been able to relax because of their medical condition. Or perhaps your pet could be a bit aloof at times- this allows for closeness. We will always be at hand.

We will always talk you through the procedure. We are good at understanding how much or how little you might want us to communicate on the day. If observed, we will talk you through the patterns of natural dying-the changes in breathing, the little movements. No passing is the same- all pets are individuals-but we understand what we see and we will make sure you do too. None of it is scary when you understand. We recognise that many people are anxious because what is a natural process is no longer familiar to us. Let us explain so you can feel at ease.

If you wish to know more about what to expect beyond this point please read the following page

We will let you know when your pet has passed. At this point you can have all the time you need. If you have chosen to have a keepsake made, we can arrange this. If you want time to sit with your friend, please take it. If you want us gone to start your grieving, we understand. Again we will follow your cues.