Your companion is not ‘just a pet’. You are allowed to grieve. For some people it hits hard, sometimes even more so than the loss of a (human) family member. And why shouldn’t it? Your friend has given you unconditional love. Us humans rarely achieve our pets’ amazing capacity to love.

I have loved many pets but found I was hit particularly hard by the loss of two, one dog, one cat.

Did you know that in America it is now quite normal to have social workers and chaplains working alongside end of life veterinary care providers? They counsel you and they counsel us.

So if you are struggling we will do our best to put you in touch with a local grief counsellor or other mental health professional to guide you through.

Having lost two wonderful elderly dogs over the last two years, and having been immersed in the role of carer for them in diseases with entirely different trajectories, I have become more aware than ever of the anticipatory grief, never mind the physical toll, of being that dedicated caregiver.

We have put together some information on ‘normal’, as opposed to ‘complicated’, grief

And please make use of the sites below.

We have also put together some information for families with children and teens to help you guide them through.

And, remember, you can always talk to us.