In memory of Terry

A real feline hero. Passed Friday 23rd October 2020.

Thank you so much for the lovely card to remember Terry.

He was as you say much loved and pampered  and we did all we could to give him a happy life in his old age.

It was a pity that he could never fully trust humans after living years on the streets. He didn’t like being petted but he was very gentle and never showed aggression. He slept in the garage for a whole year before he dared to come inside the house. He had a previous owner but they were not able to keep him so I adopted him from them.

Terry was originally a farm cat. His  behaviour showed that he previously had a hard life and he also had some old injuries that prevented him from running and jumping. That is why I placed the cat steps to my bed. He loved them and spent most of his happy time on my bed or outside in the garden.

Sadly he became very ill with liver cancer and anemia. Palliative care was the only option. He survived for 7 months. We loved him a lot and the only regret is that we couldn’t do more for him to prolong his happy senior years. 

We will always miss him.

Thank you for providing a very sensitive and caring service.