Our visit under Covid-19

The current pandemic has put many restrictions on how veterinary practices may operate. Many are still working ‘kerbside’, with some, sadly, unable to allow owners to enter veterinary premises to protect closed teams and minimise the risk of practice closure and disruption from Test and Trace.

This restriction in some cases still applies to the euthanasia consult. Or, at best, family members allowed to enter the premises may be restricted in number. Your veterinary practice is not obliged to do home visits on request and, understandably, current working conditions may make it even harder for them to help you in this way at this time.

We want to maintain the human-animal bond at all times but we will never not be respectful of the current situation. We can consult in your house, or in the garden if preferred (and weather allows). We wear PPE and observe social distancing as much as the procedure will allow and we ask that all our clients are respectful of this. We will do our best by you at this time.

Ahead of the consult we would ask you advise us if you or any members of your household currently have any symptoms that could be caused by Covid-19 or have been in contact recently with anyone who has. If you have also downloaded the NHS Test and Trace app to your smartphone we would also be grateful if it possible to place your phone in the room with us on silent. We need to protect both yourselves and our families.